Saturday, May 5, 2018

Spring Paddling this year has been pretty good so far...

4/23 through 4/25, we got a good bit of localized rainfall. Happy Spring!!!

I was invited out to Wilson Creek for an after work run by Steven on April 26. Initially I was hesitant due to the anticipated juicy level but ultimately I am glad I made it out and once I was on the creek, it was all good to go. The level was 9" and  Eric was there as well, his 3rd run, Steven's 2nd and my one and only that evening. The next day, Friday, April 27,  I just barely managed to get back out to Wilsons for 3 runs at 7" and down to 6" (estimate) with Steven and Curtis Burges who I had not seen in a quite a few years - we had done a big Wilson Creek ride years ago and I ran into him at the ORAMM one year. This was another paddling session orchestrated by Steven and he was on a tight timeline so we got down to business and knocked it out.
 Steven, Curtis and I did 3 pretty fast runs and with shuttles it took about 3 hours. We didnt go race pace but there was also no dilly daddling going on. Afterwards I headed home, ate a late lunch/early dinner, waited for Wesley then headed back out to the creek for a late evening run (my 4th of the day) at around 4.5". Wesley and I took our time paddling down the creek, stopped to smell the roses then jogged our shuttle, getting back to the car at sundown. The next day I was going to take off the day from paddling to MTB but Johnny Calhoun expressed some interest in Wilson Creek so we met up for 2 great runs on Saturday, April 28. The level was good but I have to admit, I never looked at the gauge.

Sunday, April 29th and I was meeting up with JC in Asheville again for another Nolichucky day trip. The level was approximately 3500 cfs. At this level the Noli was padded out and plenty of fun. The water level made me miss the Gauley River. 

I worked Monday then took the rest of the week off for a much needed vacation. On Tuesday, May 1 I headed back up to the Watagua for an early morning run with Take-out Dave. I was at his door at 10:00. The level was reading 333 cfs and just below 6" on the bridge gage. I paddled my Mullet down and had an exceptionally chill and relaxed run - always a pleasure to paddle with Dave. He always makes me feel right at home considering his home really is at the take out!
I had a dentist appointment on Tuesday, May 2 and Dave was down with an even earlier run to accommodate my schedule - he is a true friend. I got to his house at 8 am. The level was still around 300 on USGS and a solid 4" on the bridge gage. Another stellar Mullet run and I took the photos below during the run. Dave paddled his RPM down and styled it as usual. 
Sorry for the water spots on the camera.

4/08/18 Another Awesome Spring day on the Nolichucky!

Johnny and I met up in Asheville and headed towards Erwin TN. We paid for a shuttle and enjoyed a level of around 2,500 cfs. Another fun run on the Noli. The snow on top of the mountains made it an extra special day.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

April 7, 2018 Saturday at the Watagua

 Take-out Dave offered to hold onto the camera. Thanks for the shots Dave!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

March 30, 2018 Good Friday morning on the Watagua at a Perfect level!

I knocked on Take-Out Dave's door pretty early and got lucky that he was home and interested in paddling. We were the first ones on the river and took our time with one fun casual run. The Mullet served me well again! A great start to my long Birthday Weekend.

 Dennis and his crew
D down in the foam