Saturday, May 13, 2017

Trip Of A Lifetime

We have started on the biggest vacation I have had the pleasure of taking. Noel graduated from college last weekend and yesterday we hit the road. Actually  Noel and Starla left a few hours before me and checked into the hotel we are staying at in Waynesville and I caught up later. We will stay here 2 nights and enjoy the weekend with Starla then hit the road west. No other reservations or time schedule... I am billing it as "The Trip Of A Lifetime".
The loose plan is to make it to the West Coast and drive down the PCH. Whoo Hooo!!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hike pics from 10/15/16, Gonna keep playing catch-up for awhile. I feel like I need to post these pics...

More pics I have been hoarding away:

 10/9/16 Wilson Ridge
10/11/16 BRP

 10/11/16 Riding trails with incredible colors

 Back to Kitsuma 10/14/16

Sunday, February 12, 2017

And Then Some...

 10/2 Heartbreak Ridge
 10/4 Kitsuma with the Boss

Chestnut Mtn
Black Mtn from Kitsuma

Heartbreak Ridge

 Afterwork Kitsuma with Gerhard and Johnny Calhoun

 Warrior Creek

Starla at Mello Mushroom in Hickory