Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Soul-O Ride. Exceptional weather and trail conditions.

 The temperature through out the day was great for mid July. Trail conditions were dry and fast. I parked at Brown Mtn Beach, Started my ride at 9:30 and rode up Craig Creek, down Raidercamp, over to the South Harper Creek falls, down the rest of Raidercamp, had a dry foot Harper Creek crossing then onto Harper Creek Falls. Back out to Wilson Creek and up Lower Wilson Ridge. I rode up all the way to the clearing and dropped the seat post and dropped back down.

I did some trail maintenance on this section near South Harper Falls. Above is how I found it below is how I left it.

 I usually call the section of Lower Wilson Ridge the Little Spike but considering how far I rode and pushed up it today, it didnt seem very little. I turned around at the clearing:

 I was feeling really good about my riding today until I hit a drop off on Lower Wilson Ridge going too fast and lost control. Considering how fast I was going, I feel lucky to have only skinned my knees and bruised/skinned my forearm, bicep, and shoulder.

Friday, July 10, 2015

More Soul-O's: Sunday, July 5th early morning 30 mile Road Bike Ride and Thursday, July 9 after work 2 hour and 40 minute Mountain Bike Ride At Jonas Ridge

First pic is from my road bike ride on Sunday. I had my best time yet on the 30+ mile loop from home. I finished in under 2 hours and managed not to get rained on.
 Thursday I left Glen Alpine at 4:50 and the temperature was 95 degrees. I started my ride at 5:30 and it was 78 degrees near Jonas Ridge. Got to love the high elevation rides in the middle of the summer. I did Headquarters Mountain and added an out and back to some cliffs for some stellar views of Grandfather Mountain area. I got back to the van at 8:10. Great after work ride!