Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday 3/30 After work run on the Watagua River

I met up with Johnny Calhoun at 6:00. The level was about 300cfs. We were the last ones on the river and the last ones off.

In the picture above you can see Johnny Calhoun in the upper left hand corner.
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Two Runs on the Watagua, a Big Ass Burger with Bobby Bouche' and onto the west side of Watagua Lake for a "out and back" hike on the AT

Bobby Bouche' droppin' the falls:and Tim droppin' the falls below. We were the first group on the river and the first group off on our first run. By the time we did our second run there were a few cars at both ends but the only people we saw around the river was a group scouting the falls.I met up with Bobby Bouche' and Tim at 9:30 for an early run on the Watagua. It was a little chilly but the level was good and we did get a glimpse of the sun a couple of times. After the second run with Bobby Bouche' (thanks for Tim for helping us out with the shuttle) we headed to the riverside for a Country Boy Special which I have also named Big Ass Burger. Then we parted our ways and I headed to the west side of Watagua Lake and did the out and back AT hike depicted on the map below:This is where they got the earth for the dam:It is a long way to the bottom:An amazing trail:This is about where I turned around. Note the higher elevation vegatation.On my way back after a little after getting a bit of rainfall. The lake was beautiful:I got back to the car in the dark and home a little bit later than usual for a Sunday evening but it was well worth it. Amazing place and a worth while scout.
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tuesday Afterwork, Two Runs on Wilson Creek at 5". Thursday One Afterwork Run at +0"

Tuesday I paddled with Layla and Gaston Gagne, and Johnny Calhoun. We managed to get in 2 runs and the level was a solid 5" both runs. Thanks to Johnny for the rides to and from the creek.
Gaston surfing into the twilight:Thursday surfing the wave after work with Johnny Calhoun taking the picture:
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Dad, Buck Ivey! I did a 6 hour, 20 minute hike on his birthday.

Pretty sweet campsite:
What an incredible trail across the gorge from Shortoff, I'm pretty sure that on is Pinch In:
The trail I used goes along the spine of the ridge below and to the left:
I again started my hike on the Blue Blaze trail. This weekend I had hoped to do the big hike (Ginger Cake to the Lake) or paddle but we had more car trouble Friday and are down to only one vehicle for the family until after I have a new clutch put into the Mazda. Clara dropped me off at the Blue Blazes trail head at 7:40 a.m. I made it to the other side of Shortoff but it started looking like it might rain any minute so I stopped for some lunch, rested the feet and reassesed the situation. I had hoped to make it to the Chimney's but didnt want to get caught out there in a thunder storm. After a while the mountains were looking more and more ominous so I turned around and headed back just in time to miss the heavy rain. I got back to the trail head to meet Clara Ann and the girls at 2:00.
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fast Track Hike in and out on the Blue Blaze Trail in two hours

Most of the trail is through a beautiful pine forest.
A quick stop on my way home:
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday: Denied on a few hikes but I finally found one to fit the bill

I wanted to try a new hike and decided to hit up a trail some guys at work had told me about right off of I40 between Ridgecrest and Old Fort. It is on the opposite side of the Interstate from Kitsuma. Unfortunately I was traveling a little fast with a little too much traffic to stop in time when I spotted the alleged trail head. I wasn't in the mood to go all the way to Old Fort turn around and climb the mountain back to Ridgecrest to find it again so I headed to Old Fort. I had heard about a trail head right downtown, couldn't find that one but I know who to as for more beta. I rode up to Curtis Creek and there was about 30 guys cutting down Hemlocks to prevent the spread of the insect that is killing the trees. A sad sight indeed, all of those currently healthy trees being cut down. I guess it is better in the long run.
So I finally back tracked and found a suitable trail that I had been eye ballin' but had never hiked before. It was almost all uphill out and down hill back to the parking spot. 2.5 hours out and 1.5 hours back to the car. Pics later...
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Two Runs on Wilson Creek at 0

No pictures today. I paddled with John Fuller, Mike Huggins, Gaston and Layla the first run. Tyler and one of Mike's friends who's name I cant remember joined us for the second run. I learned that it is not a good idea to go for the rock grind at Maytag at 0. My acceptable level for this move will go back to +3" and up. I rolled and had to paddle out of the edge of the hole. I was lucky that was all that happened. Also missed the tight eddy (Andy's eddy) in the middle of Triple drop both runs, resulting in running the bottom backwards on one attempt. Far from one of my smoothest days on the river but at least I'm trying some different/ going back to some old lines. Hopefully I'll get to paddle something different tomorrow or later in the week and get a little redemption.
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Three runs on Wilson Creek at 6" and One on the Doe at 1,000 cfs

Onto the Doe
John running the last drop in Body Snatcher:
Jason running Body Snatcher
One of the steller views in the Doe Gorge:I got a call from John Fuller at 6:00 this morning and we planned to meet along with Jason at the Wilson Creek bridge at 9:00. Layla and Gaston were in as well but wanted to push it to 9:30 which was fine with me, there looked to be plenty of water after the torrential thunderstorms Friday night. We had a group of five on the first run, four on the second run. Dennis Huntley paddled with us on our third run for another group of four. John was planning to head home but his plans were changed to allow him and Jason to go with me to the Doe for their first time on that beautiful run. It was a good day of paddling.
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