Sunday, August 15, 2010

9" down to 2" after 5 runs. Andy was in town so we rallied up and did the first run with him. Steven showed up on #2 and we put the hammer down for the rest of the day!

Finally some water in Wilson Creek
It was a good level and we felt especially lucky since Andy was visiting from Montana and we got to reminisce about "back in the day" out on our local creek. After all it is where I first met Andy.
Johnny Calhoun, our old buddy Andy in from Boseman, Layla, Gaston, and yours truly
Like old times. We all paddled a lot of runs together back in the day. It was usually a Thursday, if I remember correctly. We have all logged a lot of creek/river miles together over the years.

Gaston took the next 5 pics at 10' on the second run.
Love this level!
Steven Hughes charging. When he showed up, it was time to stroke for broke!
Amos' Epics