Sunday, October 30, 2011

Saturday at the Green with Chris, Brooks, and Johnny Calhoun

 I got to the bottom in time to get a picture of Chris running Gorilla but Brooks had already dropped it. Hats off to these guys for running it in long boats no less. They are getting ready for the race next weekend. Should be an interesting one, especially if the river doesnt come up a little bit. Gorilla looks really sketchy below 7".

 I got Chris and Johnny Calhoun at the boof but missed Brooks running the Groove Tube. I was standing right there but didnt know he was going to run it. I'm disappointed because that always makes for a good shot. I found a crack on my stern before the run and was sittin in water most of the run. A lot of emptying and 2 sketchy lines at Frankenstein and Rapid Transit but a good time all the same. After a week long trip to Germany, it was good to be back at the Green with the boys! Johnny Calhoun and I enjoyed a couple of German beers at the takeout.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Morning at the Green River Narrows

Johnny Calhoun and I met at Fish Top at 9:00. We only saw a couple of people on the river. The weather was great, much warmer than the Watagua yesterday. Good times.
Johnny Calhoun at Zwicks

Seal Launch
Johnny Calhoun dropping over the top

 Fall in the gorge.
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Friday at the Watagua: 2 runs with Dave, these boofs were for June, RIP.

I brought my bike in case I needed to do a solo run and bike the shuttle but luckily Dave was available to paddle. We did the first run with Will and Bradley. The Second run we paddled with Margret and Ricky. It was an awesome day. The first run actually felt warmer than the 2nd. It was windy most of the day and the clouds were rolling through all day long but ocasionally the sun would sqeeze through and really brighten things up. Thanks to Dave for letting me carry his camera on the 2nd run, and e-mailing the pics to me, we managed to get some good shots. It was a beautiful fall day at the Watagua:
Dave at Hydro
Ricky Blizzard

What I posted before Dave e-mailed the pics to me and I slept a few times:
Clare Ann and I went to see G Love and Special Sauce in Asheville with Johnny Calhoun and Jen Thursday nite then when I got home at about 1:30, I checked some levels, Watagua was 320ish and I already had a vacation day scheduled. Not much of anything else looked like it was going to run but the rain hit all the right areas and the Watagua had gotten a nice bump. After a few hours of sleep, I was up and packing the gear. Luckily Dave was available. We took his camera on the second run and he is planning to e-mail me some photos. The fall colors were really starting to cook up in the high country. The level felt like about 250 cfs.
Oh yeah and the G Love show was great.
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Saturday Hike with Hans and Felix from Hwy 19e to Carvers Gap = Roan Mountain area, 13 miles of sweet trail, mostly across balds. Thanks Hans for showing me this one.

This post is dedicated to June Reynolds, a high school friend who I just found out passed away earlier this month. June was one of the nicest people I have ever known and had a contagious smile and a fun loving, positive attitude, a truly kind soul. I cant believe she is gone. 
Clare Ann and I ran into June while shopping in Newport 7+ years ago and I e-mailed her a few years ago to pay my condolences after I heard Elaine had passed away, they had been such close friends and were without a doubt the dynamic duo our senior year of high school. They will both be missed by anyone who knew them.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A couple of bike rides last week

Afterwork Kitsuma ride with Johnny Calhoun.
Friday I checked out a trail that Chris Presnell told me about. The trail was short but a lot of fun. I ended up riding it in both directions. I'll be back for more and hope to cut some trail to the top of the Rocky Top. 
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