Sunday, October 30, 2011

Saturday at the Green with Chris, Brooks, and Johnny Calhoun

 I got to the bottom in time to get a picture of Chris running Gorilla but Brooks had already dropped it. Hats off to these guys for running it in long boats no less. They are getting ready for the race next weekend. Should be an interesting one, especially if the river doesnt come up a little bit. Gorilla looks really sketchy below 7".

 I got Chris and Johnny Calhoun at the boof but missed Brooks running the Groove Tube. I was standing right there but didnt know he was going to run it. I'm disappointed because that always makes for a good shot. I found a crack on my stern before the run and was sittin in water most of the run. A lot of emptying and 2 sketchy lines at Frankenstein and Rapid Transit but a good time all the same. After a week long trip to Germany, it was good to be back at the Green with the boys! Johnny Calhoun and I enjoyed a couple of German beers at the takeout.

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