Saturday, September 27, 2008

Finally some local water again, Wilson Creek with Gaston, Layla, Johnny Calhoun and KB

I met Gaston and Layla at Upper Creek but it was pretty low so we hightailed it over to Wilson Creek and met up with Johnny Calhoun and KB. The gage registered +1". We had three very fun runs. We saw Dennis Huntley and Pat at the put-in during our 2nd shuttle. I had hoped we would see them on the river and get to paddle with them, it has been far too long. But they were "gettin it" as usual and must have left after the run we saw them starting.

Next are some shots Gaston took:
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Friday, September 26, 2008

Finally gettin' back on the bike after a week off due to technical difficulties

Wednesday afterwork Johnny Calhoun let me borrow his Stumpjumper again and JC, Cranky and I rode up to the parkway from Curtis Creek and back down Noyb Knob.
Thursday afterwork, I took Chris, Doug and Brian from work down Ripshin Ridge and Hedleys.

Brian showing what a Walmart Mongoose is capable of ^.
Chris and Doug each have very nice new bikes; Chris' Giant Trance^
and Dougs' Jamis v.

Amos' Epics