Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Superlight is back in action

Got my Superlight back on the trail. installed the new derailleur hanger, new handle bar grips, straightened and filed down a bent and battered spoke, and installed new bar ends. I'm back in business. James and I went out and did the big O. We heard some thunder and saw some lightening but no rain. The Mtn Laurel is still going off.It was dry and dusty but otherwise good to go. I got a good sighting of a coyote. It was a good 10 mile loop. We saw this fellow at the end. He didnt seem too happy to see us. In case you didnt know, this is a Copperhead.
Gospel music tomorrow evening in Valdese to see and hear Eric throw down on the dobro, then BIG ride Saturday.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Cross Train Trail Run, Hike, Photog, Forest Service Rd run

Big day with some spectacular views. Did it solo as I doubt anyone would be interested in taking part in this ordeal. Over the years, I've hiked out and back a few times but it was only my second time doing the entire loop. I'll be doing it again. I forgot how good this hike is.

First water fall / slide:They just keep coming. This next slide would actually be runnable with some brush trimming and some significant water. The water runs down the right side and directly into the pool at the bottom.First gorge of the main creek. It just keeps dropping:
Next up the creek meanders down to the next little gorge:
Over the lip, And into the Tea Cups: This place is awesome. Sorry for the self portrait but I couldnt help myself. After a steep scramble and some careful hugging of some boulders, the TeaCups from below:
More of the same: Another shameful self portrait:

The Tea Cups are off the hook. Look at the Heinous drop right below: After a mile or more of hiking away from the creek, the next section that can be seen from "close to the trail" looks good to go with a lot of brush triming and a small creek boat.
Time to climb away from the creek. Some nice foliage. After over six miles on the trail, I made it to the forest service road. It is time for a jog of about the same distance back to the car. I couldnt believe I didnt see a single person on the trail. Even more surprising, I didnt see anyone on the road in either a car, on a bike, motorcycle, or walking. I did scare up a group of turkeys. Based on the last couple of days, everyone must be over at Wilson & Harper Creek.
These aint bad views for a jog on the FS road.
When I see this, I know I'm gettin' close.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Friday, Saturday, Sunday / MTB, MTB, and more MTB!

Great weekend of biking! Started out Friday with a bang, with Wesley firing it up Hwy 181 style.
Nice move!
Wesley was smoothin' it over all the jumps on the Iron Horse.
Huck master:

Thanks Wesley for getting me out for a nice 15 mile Friday after work ride. It got my mind off my Superlight for a little while.
Friday night Johnny Calhoun showed up so we hit it on Saturday for a 35 mile loop starting out from the campsite. We started off with about 10 miles of uphill. The uphill was worth it when we got to the first trail on the agenda.

Second trail:

I'm happy when I ride this section without having to dab.
I love this view on the way up to Chestnut.
There were more people out than I had ever seen. Check out all the peeps at the waterfall.
The next shots are from the 5th or 6th trail? That is a steep climb.
Extra fun with V brakes. When is that part for the Superlight going to be in again? Hollywood Johnny Calhoun was riding this sweet carbon fiber precious. What more can I say?Sunday, Chris arrived at the campsite with Curtis and Landon for some Wilson Creek Wilderness Area riding. We kept a steady pace and blasted through 25 miles of sweet trail relatively quickly considering we made it to two of the best waterfall views around.
Curtis and Landon had not ridden the trails before so Chris and I got to turn them onto some of sweet trail. It was fun as always showing off the local trails. I think the guys enjoyed it, I know I did.
Landon rollin' over it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Afterwork fun

The Superlight is still in the shop waiting for a breakaway. After I went and visited it for a little while, I pulled out the NRS, blew the dust off it and met up with Wesley for some sweet riding. As soon as we pulled up we noticed this new obstacle and Wesley decided to ride it.
After some sweet fast single track down hill and some nice log jumps,
we got to the double track, some jumps, then the big berms.Then the creek / gap jump. Wesley fired it up.
Layla and Gaston showed up.
We proceeded to some sweet cross country.
A fun 18 miles. A great ride.