Thursday, January 31, 2008

There and back

I had intended to ride the Big O but after about a mile I realized there was not going to be enough daylight. Parking at the lower takeout for Wilsons was not the best idea today but I still managed a great climb with some beautiful scenery and a "bat out of hell" style forest service road descent. I'm glad I got out for a ride today as it looks like the trails are going to be soggy for the next couple of days - I'm hopeing there is enough rain for some natural flow creek runs.

Nice place to watch the sun set.

Distance: 15.4 miles
Elevation gain: 2845'
Total time: 1:43 Moving time: 1:23

Amos' not so Epic

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

29.7 miles of Big Ivy / Coleman Boundry

It was a good day in the forest. I was due a new ride and couldnt have asked for any better!
I cant wait to go back and ride the stuff we didnt get to.

So many waterfalls and ice formations.

A fair share of hike-a-bike.

The parkway looking pretty icy.

Awesome cave campsite complete with the stone chair right in front of the fire-pit.

Douglas Falls: 70' high!
That is a huge pile of ice that formed at the bottom of the falls.

Back to the double track and ready to ride down in the dark.

Distance: 29.7 miles
Total time: 8:01 Moving time: 5:02 stopped: 2:59
Elevation gain: 9,338'
Start elevation: 2,643'
Max elevation: 4,616'

Amos' Epics

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Cold 34 miler in Wilson Creek Wilderness

Rock House Creek stitch.
There was still a little bit of snow in the shadows and plenty of ice around the creeks. Raidercamp and the Harper Creek trails were in very good shape. Most places, the ground was frozen hard and there was plenty of traction.

Some nice views of Wilsons. Crystal clear water

The board really helps keep the feet dry.

Still some ice on the falls

34.52 miles - plenty of forest service roads and some great trails
Total elevation gain: 7,173 feet
total time: 5 hours 23 minutes
moving time: 4 hours 10 minutes
stopped time: 1 hour 13 minutes

Amos' Epics