Saturday, July 18, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

Exceptional Evening Ride: Chestnut Mtn, Bee Hive, and Upper Creek

Total distance: 12.7 miles
Total time: 2:55 Moving time 2:06 Stopped time: 49 min # of stops: 8
Avg moving speed: 6.0 mph
Starting and minimum elevation: 1,267' Max elevation: 3,324'
Start time: 5:22 pm Finish time: 8:17 pm
From B' Day Knob:
Climbing up Chestnut I came upon this site just off the trail:A cool campsite I was not aware of and a new trail out the back of the site to come back and explore soon: The location of the long gone Chestnut Fire Tower.
Onto Bee Hive:Roadside Attraction:
The Tunnel Trail
Fly fishing Upper Creek:
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back to my favorite Pisgah NE trails including the Chestnut climb, Raider Camp, Long Ridge / Yellow Buck - the Spike, it's all good!

I parked at Wilson Creek and started with a warm up on the FS road. After about 10 miles I made it to the South Harper Creek waterfall. Unfortunately someone has been riding on Raidercamp with a 4 Wheeler. There were fresh tracks for a few miles.
By the time I got to this point it was all good trail:

From the falls looking back:

Ride stats:
Distance: 25.1 miles
Total time: 5:17 Moving time: 4:04 Stopped time: 1:12 # of stops: 15
Avg speed: 6.2 mph
All the hike-a-bike was well worth it.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Upper and Narrows of the Green then onto Kitsuma for a quick 10 mile loop

Judd, aka J-Dub and I decided since neither of us had our Green River keys, we would put in on the Upper and run it to get a nice warm up before hitting the Narrows. The Upper section was beautiful. We only saw one group of two people. A nice rain storm came through and actually had the water brown for a little ways but it cleared up and turned out to be a beautiful day.Steven caught up to us at Chief. It was good to run into him out there.
Common view of Steven on the river:J-Dub hittin the boof line:

In the Groove Tube:
J-Dub coming out of retirement and droppin' Sunshine:
The scene at Sunshine:

Steven Hughes, the Paddlin' Man-chine:

Keith Sprinkle:
Matias Nunez- good to see him out on the Green again, he's about to move to Argentina and start a new job:View of the Green Drys from High Bridge below;
Steven and I ran this years ago when the water was spilling over the top of the dam up rivier and this was all a long slide:
After the Green run, J-Dub and I stopped for a bite to eat in Hendersonville then I headed onto Ridgecrest for some evening mountain biking.
From Old 70 after riding Kitsuma:Distance: 10.1
Total time: 1:31 Moving time: 1:24 Stopped time: 6 min
# of stops: 4
Start time: 6:01 p.m. Finish time: 7:32 p.m.
Avg moving speed: 7.1 mph

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