Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shuttle Time

Andrew on Hedleys:Obie:Our first shuttle ride distance: 11.2 miles
Total time: 1:47 moving time: 1:22 stopped time: 25 min
# of stops: 11
Avg moving speed: 8.1 mph

We finally caught up to Johnny Calhoun at the FS road as he awoke from his nap:
That 2:9er was blastin down the trails today!
Classic Ripshin Ridge shot:

Bottom of the single track section of Ripshin Ridge.
My timing on these next two shots sucked.

Thanks to Andrew driving us up we were able to shuttle Bee Hive as well. I took a little spill at "on the rocks" but otherwise we bombed right down, no pics.
Bee Hive total time: 27 min, 48 sec moving time: 25 min, 16 sec
# of stops: 2
Distance: 3.9 miles, day total: 15.1 miles
Avg moving speed: 9.3
Ride start time: 1:26 p.m. end time: 1:54 p.m.
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Friday, December 26, 2008

Seven Mile Hike

I parked at the Harper Creek parking lot, hiked up Yellow Buck, along Long Ridge to Persimmon Ridge, left onto North Harper Creek, my first but far from last creek crossing then onto Harper Creek, the top of the falls then back to the parking lot.
Click on the map to enlarge: Just me and Felix. There were several "wet foot" creek crossings on North Harper and Harper Creek. Still well worth the hike.
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

14 mile Christmas Eve Ride along the 181 Corridor with Big D

I thought I was going to have to do another solo MTB ride but Big D called me just as I was heading out the door so we planned to meet on 181. There was a high level of moisture in the air and and the air temperature was significantly warmer than yesterday. When I checked later, it was about ten degrees F warmer, which also meant unlike yesterday, the ground was not frozen today. We opted for the trails off of hwy 181 for their exceptional drainage qualities, staying away from Raspberry and the bottom section of Hedleys which I expected to be a little slushy. I think we made good choices, the trail conditions were good to go.
Total mileage: 14 miles
Total time: 3:44 Moving time: 2:19 stopped time: 1:25 # of stops: 17
Avg moving speed: 6.1 mph
The theme of the day was fog. Fog is preferable to rain while MTBing. We were spared rain the entire ride. It started spitting as we left the parking lot, post ride.
Big D takin' care of the Stumpjumper drive train pre-ride:
Rock & Roll, Upper Barkhouse, Ripshin Ridge and Hedleys down to Licklog Ridge (I didnt want to ride the muddy stuff at the very bottom of Hedleys). On the road ride back up we detoured for a break from the foggy highway on the upper section of No Shin.
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another 27.8 mile Solo on the Autobahn of Wilson Creek along with the Spike thrown in at the end to top it off and offset the Adako Rd ride in & out

No takers on todays big loop and so it was a solo. It is all good, I'm glad I got out. It was a cold, crisp and clear morning. The ground was frozen and crunchy in places under my tires but I only hit one slick spot all day. Bright and sunny early in the ride but the wind was still brisk and cool.
Those clouds behind Grandfather moved in on through the day. Santa came early to me this year, my new Pearl Isumi shoe covers inaugural run was highly successful:
The white ice on the sides of the waterfalls is always a welcome winter site.
The Harper Creek level was higher than the standard summer time low which necessitated a wet foot crossing - its over after only 5 cold steps. The rope drop down to the river looked treacherous today:
By the time I got back down to Wilson Creek, it started to spit some cold precipitation. I decided on a little detour up Lower Wilsons Ridge.The trail was covered in leaves on the Spike, it doesnt get much travel. I havent been on it in months, maybe as long ago as last winter. The climb up is a tough last interval for the day and it is always a blast bombing back down. The highest point on the Spike that I rode up: Total mileage: 27.8 miles
Total time: 4:49 moving time: 3:17 stopped time: 1:31 # of stops: 10
Average moving speed: 8.5 mph
Start time: 11:41 a.m. End time: 4:30 p.m.
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Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Wilson Creek Wilderness Area Shuttle Ride and a Standard 181 Shuttle Ride, a good day

Thanks for this pic Obie. That was a good time!I got to show Obie's posse a new ride. I think everyone was pleased. I had been worried about the trail conditions due to the prior days rain but it was all good to go.
We may have ridden about half a mile on Hedleys before I remembered to start the GPS:
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