Sunday, November 30, 2014

11/29/14 23 mile MTB Ride Starting from the Brown Mountain Beach Resort

After a nice dirt road warm up along Wilson Creek, I started with the small Spike aka Lower Wilson Ridge. After that short but very fun out and back, there was quite a bit of dirt road riding until I got to the Yellow Buck trail-head. 

This particular bridge over Wilson Creek always reminds me of going on family vacations every year to WV as a kid. I was always amazed by the back country mountain roads, bridges, rivers, etc since we mostly lived in the flatlands during my childhood. I was lucky to have gotten to experience both living close to the ocean and also to have roots in the mountains of WV.
Yellow Buck Mtn Spring. Animal skull and all
 Finally the trail head after a long dirt road pedal.
After some incredible downhill there is some serious hike-a-bike, Next time if day-light and energy levels allow, I am going to do the down hill section more than once to make up for the impending up hill trudge.
There is some really steep sections on Yellow Buck, both up and down hill. Be prepared for some hike-a-bike.
Random scenic spot along Wilson Creek on my long dirt road bike ride back to the pavement.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

11/28/14 Morning MTB Ride before meeting up with Noel close to Burlington for some dinner, shopping, coffee, and hanging out.

I wanted to get out early for a Soul-O ride before meeting up with Noel. She had to work until 1:00 so I was able to do the Big O, back to Morganton, switch up cars and cruise east in the Crossfire. It was a full day and GREAT to see Noel.
Craig Creek Rd
I love this view of Table Rock and Hawksbill.

A little snow on the trails.
This trail has got it all! Great way to spend some time before visiting with Noel, the oldest of my two beautiful, smart, and wonderful daughters. I am definitely a fortunate man!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wilson Creek on Monday and Wednesday then Watagua on Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Two Wilson Creek runs on Monday, one long Soul-O run after work Wednesday, then a good cold weather Watagua run with Robbie on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Whole Enchilada Soul-O style

The day started out cool but warmed up and ended up being perfect fall mountain biking temperatures. I started at the Lower Wilson Ridge Trail-head. Warmed up on some single track uphill aka "The Little Spike" and bombed back down to Wilson Creek. Onward and upward alongside Wilson Creek. Left onto Craig Creek then even more climbing from the pass up to Raider Camp then some fun down hill and onto South Harper Creek Falls. The connector trail to Kawana, cross North Harper Creek and onto Yellow Buck, back out to Harper Creek / Wilson Creek...
I got in my quota of hike-a-bike today and it was well worth it!

 I couldn't decide which shot better portrayed the steepness of S. Haper Creek Falls


 My favorite trail, in spite of all of the hike a bike.

The flag outside the Visitors Center. I had to stop and take a pic.

Loved the reflection on the creek.