Saturday, October 22, 2016

8/23, 8/25 and 8/30 Yet more Evenings at Kitsuma. If the trail and the outdoor experience were not so good, I wouldn't be coming back so often.



8/20/16 Another Day in the Saddle

On top of Chestnut Mountain. The fun is about to start

 Watertower Mushroom

This is one Beautiful section of trail!

8/15/16 and 8/18/16 afterwork Kitsuma with G and Double E

 It has been another summer full of afterwork Kitsuma rides.

 Ironically that was the after ride beverage.

8/14/16 Chestnut and the Big O

I was getting my riding gear together at Upper Creek when I met a new biking buddy. He had ridden Sinkhole before but I got to introduce him to Chestnut Mountain and Piney. Strong rider and nice guy.