Monday, May 30, 2016

5/28/16 Wesley and I Hit The Dirty Bird aka Pigeon River again: not the cleanest river but there are some fun surf waves a hundred strong eddy lines, great views, and it is such an easy shuttle.

 The Interstate 40 traffic sounds almost constantly remind you that this is not a remote run but when your on one of those fast smooth waves, the noise is drowned out and quickly forgotten. One of the good things about this run is that you dont really see the Intersate much.

I cannot express how much I love the comfort, speed, surf-ability, and extremely high fun factor of the Liquid Logic Mullet. It is not the boat for everyone but it is perfect for me right now. The Mullet will (without a micro-second of hesitation) be my go-to boat for my next Gauley trip. Cant wait to get it on the Ocoee and New River Gorge too - so many fun surfs on those runs.
 15th Surf Session on Wave #4, or is that Wave #5? Too much Fun!

 Wesley boofing on his 2nd of three runs of this rapid. I only ran it twice.

After the run Wesley and I explored Harmon Den exit and hiked up a road/trail up the DeWatered section of the Pigeon. Very cool camping potential but I would not try to drive it without 4WD and high clearance. I do love that area!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

5/21/16 Soul-O Low Water Wilson Creek from the concrete bridge at Craig Creek Rd to the lower take out below Screaming Right Turn

 Low flow at minus 3". Last time I was here the gage read lower when I got here but the water was higher when I put in at the higher put-in, this time I was not so lucky. I put in at the concrete bridge/Craig Creek Rd and missed the bubble. It was a fun run even if it was low. I surfed it up again and totally love paddling the Mullet. What a fun kayak.

 I saw some guys putting in when I paddled down so I waited at Triple Drop to get some pics

 Eye Lid Peeler was fast and fun. I got a few surfs on it. I jogged the shuttle at the end and paid for all the fun I had on the creek. I felt that extra mileage up to the concrete bridge but luckily the traffic above the regular put-in was almost non-existent.
This is why I dont usually like to load a kayak cock pit up but the Mullet does fit on the racks better this way...

5/19 Foggy and Wet Hike Gingercake to Devil's Hole all the way to the River and Back

Vacation day Thursday and Noel had to go back to Greenville early so after breakfast with her and Starla I packed up Felix and headed out for a hike. Conditions were not ideal but we needed some exercise and I wanted to get outside.
 Sitting Bear
 All of the "Overlooks" were fogged out, so to speak.

 The Mighty Linville River

 The campsite at the bottom of the Devil's Hole trail. I might have to do an overnite here soon.

Monday, May 16, 2016

5/14 and 5/15

Friday evening Starla and I cooked a meal and she invited her boy-friend over to eat with us and play some Rumicube. 
Saturday morning I mowed and Starla slept then we had a fun afternoon/evening in Asheville checking out the Farmers Market and the Outlet Mall. Post walking around the Outlet Mall and unsuccessfully contacting JC who lives very close to Brevard Rd, we had a delicious meal at Papa's & Beers. I had planned to camp later at Sugar Cove Rd so on our way to Asheville we had left Starla's car at exit 86. She went home and had an even more exciting evening than I did camping in the Pisgah National Forest! 
 My campsite on Sugar Cove Road / Pisgah National Forest. It got pretty chilly but I had a good fire.
 Sunday morning I got up early, headed home for some breakfast, and some conversation with Starla. After what I thought was an uneventful morning, I headed onto Warrior Creek for some Single Track fun. When I got back home Starla told me about her "interesting" Saturday evening. Being dad is easier some days than others but every day with my girls is a blessing.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

After work Tuesday evening Kitsuma with Johnny Calhoun

JC showed me an overlook I had never been to in all the times I had ridden Kits. Very impressive. I've got to keep my eyes open for spots like this.