Sunday, May 1, 2016

The last week of April was a pretty fun one: I managed to Hike, MTB, Kayak, and Back Pack!

 Sunday hike with Felix and a cold and tasty beverage.

 Tuesday Kitsuma MTB ride with Gerhard and David Z. Good to finally hit the trails with my boss.

 We met the guys behind The Tacoed Wheel at the Ridgecrest parking lot. I really loved their work truck / bike shop. I hope this business plan works out for them. Awesome!!

 Back on the Catawba for more after-work surfing fun and front stroke practice.

 I saw a huge otter here but was not fast enough to get a picture of him.

I love this kayak.
Friday I backpacked up to the top of Gingercake for a crazy overnighter. Three guys from the Greensboro area came up and set up camp close to mine since there are not too many spots up there. They brought music (disco) and had a bright disco light in their big family sized tent - it was weird but kind of funny. I crashed early so not sure how crazy they got. I've managed 3 single nite backpack trips in 3 weekends. I plan to keep up the trend with a long term goal in mind.
Back home early Saturday morning to spend most of the day with Starla.