Saturday, May 7, 2016

First Week of May has been a good one. It started out with paddling Wilson Creek Soul-O in the Mullet on Sunday, Tuesday after-work I got to ride some new trails, Wednesday after-work MTB in Wilson Creek Area, feeling fortunate.

 The level when I got to the creek early morning.  I decided to kill time hoping the creek would rise. I dropped my running shoes off below Screaming Right Turn then headed up stream stopping on the way up to scout a few rapids and look at the low water lines, I had not run the creek this low in a few years. I drove up to the concrete bridge at Craig Creek Rd but opted against launching my kayak there since some fishermen were already recreating in that area. I decided to pay a little tribute to the first time I visited and camped at Wilson Creek in '95 or '96? with John and Billy. I had a Dancer and they took turns running the slides in a Rubber Duckie.
Anyway, there was water and I had a blast paddling my Mullet for the first time one of, if not my favorite Creek.
It was great putting in where I first camped and the water was definitely higher up stream

I took my time paddling down and surfed every wave I could. The Mullet is a great bow surfing boat. It carves back and forth so smoothly and predictably. I went for a few splats but still need to work on my technique, there is a lot of stern to get down in the water. I will get there, love a challenge!

 Another thing I love about the mullet, it fits inside the van.
The guys from Luna Cycles were hosting their big Gravel Road Bicycle Race. It is over 100 miles. Those guys are animals.
 The level when I left.
I got in two after work MTB rides. The first was on Tuesday with Johnny Calhoun in Little Pisgah. Great trail system and I cant wait to hit it up again. It is a long haul from home so I think next time will be on a weekend.
My second MTB ride with my boss David Ziegler. We were going to go to Warrior Creek but the trails were closed so I took the opportunity to show him some of the Wilson Creek Area treats. I hate that I didnt bring my camera. We rode about 20 miles, not bad for after work. He doesnt seem to mind pedaling down some of the dirt roads to get the the single track treats and you can log some miles and fitness doing that.
We have had a cool front come through this week and it was been nice and cool temps. I love it! Feeling very fortunate.