Friday, August 13, 2010

Finally getting in some bike rides.

Obie worked his magic and got my bike back in riding order Sunday. After I got home that evening, I did a shake down ride from the house towards Oak Hill then hit some dirt roads to 126 and back to end up with 8 miles.
Tuesday I rode with Brandon and Chris. We started at Licklog Ridge and rode up to The Barkhouse. Dropped down that then climbed up to Ripshin Ridge. Connected that with Hedleys then climb back up to 181 and the trucks.
This evening, Friday the 13th of August, I did an after work Kitsuma with Johnny Calhoun. It was a special day for him after getting his first run on the rapid Gorilla on the Green River. That is a big accomplishment in my book. Especially to me since I have never run it. Congrats JC.

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