Sunday, December 25, 2011

12/23 & Christmas Eve at the Watagua. One run on Friday with Dave, Johnny Calhoun and Christine. Two runs on Christmas Eve with Johnny Calhoun, Ricky Blizzard, low water Mike and Mike Huggins. Thanks to Ricky for loaning me a spray skirt!

The level felt like 420cfs on Friday and 300 on Christmas Eve. There was plenty of extra water coming in Beech Creek and every little feeder creek we passed.

 Christmas Eve:

Amos' Epics

12-17, Saturday Hike with Felix up the Blue Blaze Trail to MTS to summit Shortoff

 I finally found a cliffside campsite that Brad showed me several years ago. The cliff overhangs in the pics above and below show how big this ledge is. It is an incredible place but not easy to get to.

 I really enjoy the Blue Blaze trail.

 Linville River and Lake James.
Amos' Epics

December 13 Tuesday afterwork Mountain Bike Ride with Hans

Hans first mountain bike ride, he borrowed Gerhard's back up bicycle. I showed him one of the trails off the Fish Hatchery loop. It was a short but a good ride.

Amos' Epics

Monday, December 12, 2011

Wilson Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afterwork / Watagua Saturday before the Warren Haynes 23rd annual Christmas Jam, It was a great week of padddling and one incredible show!

 Wednesday was about 10" with Layla.

 Thursday with Gaston at about 4.5".

 Friday was about 0 - I didnt take any pics but paddled with Gaston and Layla. Saturday nite I stayed in Asheville and rode up to the Watagua with Johnny Calhoun. We got in one run at about 380cfs and at about 38 degrees. One stop at the falls for a few pics then back to A'ville for the Christmas Jam. Good times!

Amos' Epics