Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday at Merle Fest

When we arrived Alison Brown Quartet were laying it down:
Hans and Pierre eating peanuts and taking in the scenery:
One of my favorites were Richard Watson and Mitch Greenhill below. Some smooth blues.
Next on the big stage were Solas, an Irish music band. Not my genre but they were really talented. I enjoyed their set more than I expected. It was hard not to enjoy them, it was obvious they had their stuff together. They seemed really tight.
David Holt and Laura Boosinger up next on the Cabin stage. I really enjoyed their bluesy set. Very laid back and some cool story telling between the songs. DH was smooth as silk on the dobro and I really liked Ms. Boosingers blues voice. The string/bow instrument he is playing in the pic below was crazy sounding - very cool stuff.Of course the big dog below: Jerry Douglas and his band. Tore it up!
A good point to end it since I couldnt stay late enough to see and hear Dan Tyminski - next time.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Heartbreak Ridge with Pierre and Hans Von Braun

I found this guy in the road on my way up Curtis Creek Friday night. I prodded him over to the side of the road to keep him out of traffic.I saw a bear, a turkey, and a grouse today!

View from the parkway, note the Firetower:

The trail was in great shape. A ribbon of single track:

Distance: 31.2 miles
Total time: 6:41 Moving time: 3:57 Stopped time: 2:43
Elevation gain: 9,873'

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another BIG Training Ride: 46.6 miles of Heartbreak, Kitsuma, & Fleetwood. Joined by Jim T.

Big training ride with Jim T. Excellent weather, excellent company, excellent trail conditions, an all around good ride. Jim at the top of the first big climb, about 8.5 miles of climbing to start the day off:

Views from the fire tower. Notice Table Rock and Hawksbill in the first shot:
The Black Mtn Crest was in the clouds most of the time we were up there.

Some of the down hill on the way to Fleetwood was a little too vertical for me:

Views of Snooks from Heartbreak Ridge:

Old Fort Geyser.

Star Gap:
Ride Stats:
Total Distance: 46.6 miles
Total Elevation Gain: 14,980'
Total Time: 10:11 Moving Time: 7:34
Average Speed: 6.2 mph

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