Sunday, November 2, 2008

Little Table Rock, Chimneys, Spence Ridge, Linville River - Hike with Excellent Weather. It was good to meet you Jimbo!

A little creek along the Little Table Rock Trail: The next shots were take from Little Table Rock Mountain. A new viewing point for me.
Looking back at Hawksbill and Grandfather Mountain to the right:Below is a very nice campsite with Table Rock in view right behind it. This was one of two sites I found today that I think I'll be enjoying soon.
Another Landslide:
Like I've said before, sometimes the dawgs just gotta breathe, they were talking to me at this point:
These guys in the trees were watching me way too much:
Another self portrait, I was enjoying the timer and multi shot feature:
I met up with Dan on the top of Little Table Rock Mountain. The view was as clear as it had been when I hiked through earlier:
We hiked back to the Spence Ridge and Little Table Rock Trail intersection but instead of taking a right back to the parking lot we took a left towards the Linville River.
The Spence Ridge trail was in great shape and the bridge is an impressive piece of work. It will take a big flood to take it out. The last time I was at this point on the Linville was when Gaston and Layla took me on a paddle trip down the Upper Linville and we took out here. There was no bridge then and of course the water was at a much higher level.
I started my hike at about 9:30, Dan caught up to me on Little Table Rock Mountain at about 2:00 and we finished up at dusk, close to 6:00, the first day of daylight savings time.
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