Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wilson Creek Wilderness Shuttle with Asheville / Pisgah Crew. Raspberry, Ripshin, Hedleys, then a shuttle up to Bee Hive

Obie and crew came over to play:Two broken chains but nothing 2 quick links wouldn't take care of. Brian ^ and Dixie Marie v
The end of Ripshin Ridge


The graph below includes the shuttle from the Upper Creek campsites to the top of Bee Hive - approximately mile 11 to mile 16. The road is usually closed at the Chestnut saddle but due to hunting season, the road is temporarily open to traffic. This shuttle is not recommended for small wheel-base 2wd vehicles.Starting elevation: 3,593'
Min Elevation: 1,279'
Starting time: 1:18pm Finish time: 5:01pm
Total time: 3:43 Moving time: 2:00 Stopped time: 1:43 # of stops: 28
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