Saturday, August 25, 2012

Road Bike around Lake James and afternoon hike on Overmountain Victory Trail

25 miles from the house around Lake James and back to the Ponderosa on Monday then Saturday the same plus the State Park off shoot for almost 30 miles then added a little more Sunday morning and came back home via Powerhouse Rd for a total of 31 miles. Great to be able to ride out of my driveway.

 Saturday afternoon hike on Overmountain Victory Trail with Gaston Gagne. Some great new trail.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Saturday August 11Two SoulO Wilson Creek Runs in the InAZone. 0 @ 7:45, -3 @ noon.

I got to the Creek at about 7:45. The level was 0. I didnt see any paddlers until I got to the take out after my first run. They were setting shuttle when I started walking up the road. I managed to hitch a ride with two good old boys. I rode back to the put in in the bed of a pickup truck. Then I drove back to the takeout, picked up my boat and got in another run. On the second run I paddled down to the Eye Lid Peeler Wave. Got a few surfs and dreamed about Insignificant Wave on the Upper Gauley River. I got a good jog in back to the van at the put in. I ran up on Mack and crew and Mike who was celebrating a birthday paddling Wilson Creek. I wanted to get in a 3rd run with him but needed to get home to spend some family time since it was Noel's last weekend before moving to ECU.
It has been a traumatic week. Noel moved out of my house and into a college dorm and  I found out that my cousin-in-law Rick died. He introduced me to fishing in the New River and swimming in Summersville Lake when I was about 14 years old. He was a good guy. I had not seen him in a few years and that was the first time in several years but he was the same guy I always remembered. During that last visit we talked about our common interests, fishing and rivers.

I miss my girl. She dont live here no more

Thursday, August 2, 2012

7/25 After Work Wilson Creek. Happy Birthday to my sister Suzy and Bro Johnnny Calhoun!

Three good afterwork runs. I had planned on a solo run and jog the shuttle but met up with a guy from Charlotte, got 2 in with him and one last one with Eddie and one of his buddies. Good to be on the creek and paddling the InAZone again. It is going to be fun getting it back up on the Gauley again this year. I'm planning on going the first release weekend and as mny more as I can fit in.

7/22 Sunday at the Green with Johnny Calhoun

7/21 Saturday at 12" with Chris and Johnny Calhoun, Good Lines and Good Times

7/20: Afterwork Green at 17", Big Fun

It was 15" when we passed the gage and we were told it was 17" when the crew that caught up to us at Hammer Factor had passed the gage. Definitely some juice.