Friday, August 17, 2012

Saturday August 11Two SoulO Wilson Creek Runs in the InAZone. 0 @ 7:45, -3 @ noon.

I got to the Creek at about 7:45. The level was 0. I didnt see any paddlers until I got to the take out after my first run. They were setting shuttle when I started walking up the road. I managed to hitch a ride with two good old boys. I rode back to the put in in the bed of a pickup truck. Then I drove back to the takeout, picked up my boat and got in another run. On the second run I paddled down to the Eye Lid Peeler Wave. Got a few surfs and dreamed about Insignificant Wave on the Upper Gauley River. I got a good jog in back to the van at the put in. I ran up on Mack and crew and Mike who was celebrating a birthday paddling Wilson Creek. I wanted to get in a 3rd run with him but needed to get home to spend some family time since it was Noel's last weekend before moving to ECU.
It has been a traumatic week. Noel moved out of my house and into a college dorm and  I found out that my cousin-in-law Rick died. He introduced me to fishing in the New River and swimming in Summersville Lake when I was about 14 years old. He was a good guy. I had not seen him in a few years and that was the first time in several years but he was the same guy I always remembered. During that last visit we talked about our common interests, fishing and rivers.

I miss my girl. She dont live here no more