Thursday, July 31, 2008

Evening RIpshin Ridge & Hedleys

The view of Grandfather Mtn from Ripshin Ridge^
The double track right before the single track kicks in^

After Hedleys, the climb back up to the car.
Ride Stats:
Distance 11.6 miles
Total time: 1:37 moving time: 1:21 stopped time: 16 min
Start time: 6:19 end time: 7:56
avg moving speed: 8.5 mph
3 mile climb up 181 to start out, about 6.5 miles of fast and fun down hill, 2 more miles of uphill and it was all over.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Afterwork 13 mile ride

Rattlesnake: I didnt see this fella until I was riding right past him, uphill. I spotted him just in time to turn my crank so that my right foot was at the highest point and be still clipped in. I feel very lucky that I didnt roll over him and glad I was able to warn Tal and Johnny C. in plenty of time.
whew, that was too close.

Johnny Calhoun ^

Tal on a big climb.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Off Road Assault on Mt Mitchell; Dude, where's the E-Caps...

There were no E-Caps to be found at the 3rd or 4th rest station tables on the Off Road Assault on Mt Mitchell and I was a man in need. Finally Brotha Man Bob asked a guy that was waiting on his friend and the good samaritan took pity on us and graciously gave us each 4 out of his friends bottle. They helped out for sure. It was a tough ride. I had a broken chain on the climb up Curtis Creek which cost me about 15 minutes to fix, big thanks to the guy that was walking that pointed out I was not trying to break the chain on the right place - rookie! Then, much later in the race, at the top of Kitsuma the 2nd time around, my cleat came loose due to the screw backing out (another rookie mistake). And there were the cramps. They side lined me a few times and caused me to lose some time, especially since they caused me to push most of the Kitsuma uphill switch backs my 2nd time around. Let me tell you, I was glad to get back down to Old Fort.
My Stats:
Total time: 7:54 almost one hour longer than my time last year of 6:58.
Stopped time: 34 min 59 seconds, number of time stopped: 10
Total mileage: 62 miles (they advertise 63 miles, my equip is probably in error)
Elevation gain: 16,301' (they advertise 11,000", my equip maybe in error, but that much? I dont think so, maybe someone will be able to verify)
Average moving speed: 8.4 mph
Thanks Clara Ann for all the pictures and exceptional support. You made my day! Starting line.
Robert Peerson unfortunately had his head turned away from the camera below. He did great! It was good to ride together some. That Ibis is an awesome looking bike!
The Jareds Creek Rd rest station^
Beth killin' it at the finish line. She looks like she just took a walk in the park^

Noel out supporting Dad.
Tiff, Noel and Grace^
Lucas (little Dan) and Dan chillin' while Noel looks on^
They were probably saying "isnt he ever going to show up?"
I really appreciate Dan and Grace coming out and lending me support.

No, it's not tan. The trails were in great shape but awefully dusty. I wouldnt have wished for it any other way.
The shoe incident. What a rookie! I'll be checking those screw heads often in the future. If I do the race next year.

Chillin' in the creek with my new friends from Boston, Jess and Tal Ingram. They both killed it with some great finish times. I never saw Tal during the race (he was somewhere out in front of me) but Jess and I rode together a little bit a couple of times until my cramps started getting the better of me on the climbs and I had to slow down. She had a good pace going.
Back at the car, cleaned up, talkin' to Starla and happy to have finished.Starla hangin' in the car.
Lucas chillin' out, thinking about how he'll eventually be breaking the course record.

Brotha' Man Bob. Killin' it for the third year in a row. He's a machine. Thanks for the encouragement Bro! You are the man.

Also a shout out to Joeseph
It was good to ride together for a while.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

After work Kits with Johnny Calhoun

My 11th bear sighting. First time of having one sitting in the woods within earshot of his breathing. Pretty intense situation, we watched him climb up an embankment, cross in front of us, dive into some think under growth then I think he had either penned himself in or was stopped and resting. He was sure breathing hard. We didnt go into the woods after him.
Johnny Calhoun dropping down the steepest section ^ and beyond.
Johnny was back on the Kona 29er.
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

More incredible Pisgah single track downhill

Max elevation: 5,284' Min elevation: 2,217
Elevation loss: 4,135
Total mileage: 10 miles
One of the most awesome shuttle rides I have ever participated in. Incredible amount of single track down hill variation over 10 miles.

In search of:

Obie and Jason discussing all the incredible single track we just rode and are about to ride more of:

These guys showed me just about every variation of downhill single track I could imagine!

That is the trail leading right up to the log:

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