Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wilson Creek Wilderness shuttle ride with Terry & Chris. It turned into a 20 miler.

Started with Raspberry Ridge and a broken chain.

After a quick repair:

Another mechanical: Pinch flat ^
Finally some Greentown Plunge:

The overlook on Upper Harpers

I had a high speed wreck on Raidercamp. Not used to the v brakes and the rock garden came up on me pretty quick. My bike stopped but I kept going. Luckily I rolled well.
Some more fun at the falls.

We finished with out enough racks so we improvised ^
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Big Pisgah Shuttle Ride - Orchestrated by Obie and most excellent as usual, actually maybe even a little bettter than usual

Some trails I'd never done and some that I had ridden. It was a blast with a great group that started out with 7 and ended with 6.
Thanks Obie for putting the ride together and the technical help installing the deraileur hanger and adjustment. It got me through the day but looks like I'll be ordering a new cassette this evening.
And yes, it was just as I had guessed, Noel and Tif stole my camera batteries to take pictures of each other and so no pics of the incredible Pisgah views of Pilot Rock and Black Mountain taken by Amos. Hopefully Obie will e-mail me some of the ones he took.
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Friday, August 29, 2008

More fun at Wilsons

Bottom of 0 when I arrived. I met up with a crew at the take out that had just completed a run and 2 of the 3 were finished and heading home but 1 dude wanted to do another run. We introduced ourselves and ran shuttle, then proceeded to do a few runs.
Alex at 10 foot:
When we got on the river I asked Alex where he was from and was surprised to hear the Morganton / Glen Alpine area, a home boy!

Thanks Alex for taking a few pics:
I decided to take the Full Tilt and try to get ready for the upcoming Gauley weekends.
We both had good lines.

2nd run:
When we left:
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wilson Creek at a sweet level, what a blast!

It had been far too long. I was late out of work but lucky enough to catch up with Gaston and Layla. After such a long dry spell, what an excellent level to get back out there:

Gaston had a great surf on the wave:
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Wednesday: back to Upper Creek for more afterwork creekin'

Sorry no pics, I got out of the kayak and set up to take some shots of Layla, Gaston, and Johnny Calhoun stompin' through some Upper Creek boogie water when I got the "change batteries" message.

When Johnny and I got to Wilson Creek it was bouncing between 12" and 15" and we decided to go to Upper Creek and try to catch up with Layla and Gaston. Upper was higher than last night so the plan was to do a run and if there was time shoot back over to Wilson Creek for a late run. We finished the first run and it was after 7:00 so there was only one thing left to do: run it again. What a blast!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tues afterwork Upper Creek

Wilson Creek was -12" when I got there afterwork. ^ Much too low for me.
Upper Creek looked like it had a little water in it when I crossed it so I decided to drive up Hwy 181 to check it out. At the bridge near the campsites, it was still low but enough water to entice me to drive all the way up to the trail and to hike up for a better look.
I hiked into the first nice slide shown below and decided it looked like enough water. Back to the car for the boat, paddle, etc. I was wishing someone was here to paddle it with me but I dont think I could have talked many people into going to Upper Creek considering how low Wilsons was but it paid off this time. There had been a lot of rain at Jonas Ridge early in the day.
This ^ is part of my hike to the put in. I love this trail!
The first big drop and the biggest drop I ran^ today. It had all the water I needed. Actully more water than the last time I ran this with Mike Huggins.
The fun boogie water rapid.
This one^ had enough water for the left or right side but I opted for the right due to the log in the left side. It looked all good from the bottom.
Road Side Attraction. I walked it. There is a lot of water going through the sieve now.
When I got back to the car I thought it had been vandelized at first but realized it was just a tree limb that just happened to fall on my tail light.
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