Thursday, July 6, 2017

5/27/17 On the Road Again. Travel day out of Cali and through Nevada.

 Very unique rock formations just off the road and the worst no see 'em biting bugs of the trip. We got a couple of pics and ran back to the car.

 Our campsite at Ward Mountain Campground, elevation 7,400 feet above sea level.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

5/25/17 A desert climate hike at (dry) Rock Creek in the morning and tour of some high elevation lakes in the afternoon.

 I woke up early and woke Noel to tell her that I was going on a hike and she decided to come along. We left Donna a note and hit the road early. First we headed into Mammoth Lake for a coffee, some breakfast and to look for a trailhead. We got to the lake above and it was very cold and all trails were buried under a lot of snow. I reviewed the map and found a trail back in the direct of my sisters house and then we headed to Rock Creek for a morning hike.

Later in the day, Donna took us to Grant Lake, June Lake, then to Mono Lake. I think all is in the Inyo National Forest.

5/24/17 Made it my sister Donna's house near Mammoth Lakes, CA and she and her son Garrett took us on a hike at Convict Lake CA

This was a GREAT hike. It circled the lake with a couple of off shoot trails that climb above the lake and further up into the mountains to Laurel Mountain at 11,812' and the other trail leads to Mono Jim Peak at 10,850'. This is some Epic country! Thanks Donna for taking us on such and incredible outing. Next time I want to go up further into the mountains, I can only imagine what it is like up there...