Saturday, October 14, 2017

7/22 Elk River Falls and 8/1/17 Hike Little Table Rock/Chimneys of Linville Gorge

 It was a nice hot summer day to be at the falls. It was a popular place to be.

 We saw a few people jump.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

July 4th Hike(s) with Noel and Felix. First we tried to hike up to the AT on the OVT but it led through a cow field and was not well marked so we drove back on 19E towards the TN/NC border and jumped on the AT for a 9.3 mile hike

On our way up 181
Looking up from the cow field
The first 2.2 mile hike started from Hampton Creek Rd. My map showed a trail that connected to the AT but we finally got tired of the gates, cows and cow shit. Jumped into the car and drove back towards Elk Park to get on the AT where it crossed the road.

Friday, September 8, 2017

7.4 mile out and back hike on the MTS 6/25/17

Maximum elevation was 6,339' and total elevation gain was 1,842'.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Post "Trip of a Lifetime" and we have hit the ground running and not really slowed down since.

 On June 8 Starla's class had a cooking presentation at a Winery close to Lenoir. She really did a great job making the tacos. Those girls both make me so proud.

 On June 11th I headed to Asheville to skate the "Food Lion" park and go see the Calhoun boys. We got wet and had a good time. I bought my first skateboard since I was 17 and it has been a lot of fun and a little bit of pain. The skatepark below is just amazing. They are currently building a park in downtown Morganton so I want to get some skills before it opens.
Asheville Foodlion Skatepark
 On June 16th -19th we were in Havelock
Love,love, love, love these people

 New Bern

Atlantic Beach early morn mid June

The Atlantic Beach Skatepark

I had forgotten after all these years how hard Skate boarding can be on the body.