Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fathers Day was a great family outing as was Sat. @ Harper CK. Sunday, Soul-O 29 mile MTB ride of Curtis Creek, BRP, Heartbreak Ridge and Jareds Creek

This post is not only today's epic ride but also to get caught up on yesterdays event and last weekends Fathers Day outing. The first picture is from Fathers Day, and was taken at Upper Wilson Creek literally under the Blue Ridge Parkway. We chilled there for awhile then headed back south on the Blue Ridge Parkway for more family adventure. Next stop was also on Fathers Day and was taken from the top of Flat Rock. Behind Starla is Grandfather Mountain.
The next 5 pics are also from Fathers Day when we hiked to Upper Creek Falls:
This was a great Fathers Day!

Next up is Harper Creek Falls yesterday.
And finally my ride today. The total distance was 28.7 miles. I skipped going to the Fire Tower this time. First up is 9.5 miles of climbing up Curtis Creek.
Curtis Creek about 5 miles into the climb. Above is the original bridge at this point in 2005 a year after the flood. Note my NRS in the foreground and how small it looks relative to all the debris. ^ One of the many views from Heartbreak Ridge.
Those are Black Berries behind the flowers but most are still red. I found and ate about 5 or 6 small black ones. Up near the top of Heartbreak Ridge I did find a couple of Blue Berries that were tasty as well.

Wineberry in the picture above. I tried one and it tasted pretty good. I looked it up in my book "EDIBLE WILD PLANTS" when I got home. Now that I know what they are I may have to go back for more.
One last thing to mention; Thursday I found another Rattlesnake while taking JJ to the Pinnacle overlook. I found this one just off of the trail that circles the Pinnacle which is on the south-western rim of the Linville Gorge. I didn't have the camera but I would say this snake was probably at least 2 feet long and had about 6 rattles...
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