Monday, August 31, 2015

8/29/15 Hike. Got Out Early. Fighting Back The Blues.

I have had some very negative personal/marital stuff going on lately. I am trying to remain positive and thankful for the good things I have going for me: two wonderful daughters, good health, great job and boss, wonderful and supportive parents who are still healthy at 78 and have always been there for me even when I try their patience and the fact that I am fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the country and allowed plenty of time to explore and play outside.
I also have to say I am thankful for the sobriety that I started on Father's Day, Not partaking in any "spirits" has not been easy but I definitely believe timing could not have been any better considering that the bomb dropped on my family life a few weeks ago would only have been much harder to handle if I were impaired in any way. A clear mind has helped me rationalize that in spite of a bruised ego and heart, I have a helluva lot to be thankful for.
That said,
lately I have had a hard time prying myself off of the couch but I am determined to keep on keeping on. After I hurt my shoulder on the bike wreck a month or so ago, I did good on putting more time into playing music again. Even sticking with that has been a struggle in the last two weeks but I have done a little picking but not nearly enuf grinning. The Blues have been a-visiting me.
I got out on the Catawaba on Monday (I'm actually typing this on 9/5/15) and that was my first paddle since April when I tweaked my recurring shoulder injury on Wilson Creek. It felt great to be on the water and I am getting back out on the Catawba again today. Anyway, I'm motivated to snap out of this and kick things back into high gear. I know one thing, it can always be worse and life goes on. My mantra for awhile will be "Stay Positive and Keep on Keeping On".

8/13 thru 8/16 Time with the Girls and Family Reunion

 Noel and I did a bike ride on the Greenway and checked out the Native American hut exhibit.

 Starla and I in New Bern

 It was great to see all my siblings and parents. Brings back memories,