Saturday, January 30, 2016

1/19/2016 MTB Figure 8. The day after the MLK Jr. Zoo Trip with Stala, Noel and Nicholas, I took a vacation day and did one of my classic rides cold weather style.

 It was in the 20s when I started and it was in the 20s when I finished...
The ground was frozen and there was great traction. I rode The Big O pretty fast and didn't make any unnecessary stops. Still enjoying the big 2.4 Continental X-King tire up front.

Frozen road and great traction.

Sinkhole / Goat Trail one of my favorites!

This is one of those trails you do not want to slip off the side of. It would be a long way down.
Sometimes I forget how big this place is...
I decided to take a detour and check out some of the old trail that doesn't get much use anymore. It was as beautiful as ever.

The final creek crossing.

Snow Days and 1/30/16 Lower Wilson Ridge Spike and Big O. A perfect snow day choice.

It snowed us in for a few days last weekend: 1/22, 1/23, and 1/24. I was a little under the weather and didnt get out in it to play at all but I did get a few shots of Starla and Felix.
On Saturday, January 30th I hit the road early and was riding my bike up Brown Mountain Beach Road heading to Lower Wilson Ridge for some Little Spike action by 8:45. My goal was to be pedaling up the sloppy road while it was still frozen since the temperature was forecast to be 50.

The Little Spike (up and back down where Lower Wilson Ridge dumps into 1328 / Brown Mountain Beach Road, was in great shape. There was minimal snow and what was there was not muddy and it was all ride-able.
This was the snow at the very top of Little Spike.

One of my favorite down hill sections.

Brown Mountain Beach road was a little sloppy in places but overall in good shape. The shot below is what most of Craig Creek Road, FS982  looked like.

Turkey Tracks on the trail. 
There were two MTB tracks on 198 but they did not take the Big O turn off. There were no bike tracks on any of B.O. I stopped a few times and picked up some recently fallen branches and pulled up some thorn branches. Almost everything was ride-able and I got a great workout. Some of the uphills in the snow are pretty challenging.

Martin Luther King Jr Day 2016 at the Asheboro NC Zoo with Starla, Noel and Nicholas. We had a great in spite of the cool temps!

Starla, Noel and Nicholas.