Sunday, January 10, 2016

1/09/2016 Saturday MTB With Dan "The Man" Nartan Just Before the Rain Started.

Still loving my 29" Santa Cruz Superlight. 
I will refer to is as "My Blue Cruz" until I can come up with something more appropriate.

I was glad Dan was able to get out for a ride. It had been far too long since we had rolled down some trails together and the last time we hit up Lower Wilson Ridge, he had shock failure. No technical issues today, it was all smooth rolling. We parked across from Brown Mtn Beach and rode up to the plateau and back on Lower Wilson Ridge then up Craig Creek Rd and Chestnut Mtn for some more up and back from the camp site, Then onto The Big O.

 I rode this 3 times. Great place to practice drop offs

A Little Redemption where I wrecked last year

 My first ride with the new Continental front tire. 2.4 X-King on the front and the stock 2.2 Maxis on the back. I think I'll be ordering some 2.2 Contis for the front.