Monday, May 30, 2011

Saturday, Memorial Day Weekend ride with Jen, Julie, Gil, and Johnny Calhoun

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May 25, Wednesday Hike on the Ledge Trail with Jonny Blue

This was the first time I have done the Ledge trail from the Hawksbill trailhead to the Spence Ridge trailhead all the way through.

Jonny Blue enjoying a cold beverage at the overlook:
The Mountain Laurel is really going off.

Hans gave me copies of the following shots:

The namesake Ledges

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Outdoors

Saturday I got back on the Green for one run. It wasn't as clean as the last time I was out there but the only place I had any issue was at Zwicks where I got flipped in the top hole due to being a little too right and sideways. I got my roll and still managed to make the race line down the far right side.
I headed back to Glen Alpine and packed up the back pack for an overnighter with my buddy Felix. We hiked in at Sitting Bear then at the T we took a left back towards Hawksbill. I made it to the plateau for a great view of the Morganton lights. There was a flat spot perfect for my bivey and another good place for the camp fire. Felix was a little restless for most of the night but he did good for his first overnighter.
We got up early, packed up the gear and headed back to the truck. After some inner debate on what to do next, we headed to the Spence Ridge trailhead in search of the Spence Ridge Connector Trail (SRCT) and ultimately the Ledge Trail. I didn't find the SRCT on the way down to the river so Felix and I crossed the river on the log bridge, found a nice place for some breakfast and enjoyed the cool morning and spectacular views from river level. We did some boulder hopping and soaked in the river vibe.
I took the time to study the notes in my orange trail guide before going back up the trail and searching for the SRCT. This time we found it and managed to follow it up to where it drops out on Table Rock Road. I then back tracked and found the Ledge Trail. It was awesome. I still need to go back and connect it to the Hawksbill Trail. It is all coming together - I feel a big day hike or overnighter coming soon.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 15, Sunday at the Watagua

After mowing the yard, I met up with Johnny Calhoun at 10:30 at the Watagua takeout. We walked next door and persuaded Dave to do a few runs. We managed to get in 3, Will joined us on the second and third runs. JC pointed out the pool full of salamanders and tadpoles below.

Dave dropping into the eddy at the base of the falls.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rock Jock on Mothers Day 5/8

Spring time in Linville

The rats are back in the gorgeAmos' Epics

5/07: The Green River Narrows. Two runs with Johnny Calhoun, one with John

The level was about 9".

John had the best boof line at Groove Tube that I had ever seen. I was a fraction of a second too slow in getting the money shot:
John had could only do one run but Johnny Calhoun and I got in a second one.

JC with the stomping boof:
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Hawksbill and the Ledge Trail with Jonny Blue

Up on Hawksbill with Jonny Blue

Onto explore the Ledge Trail:

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