Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Post Rock & Roll Party, Figure 8

Glen Alpine Epic Adventures
Got a late start due to the festivities from Saturday night. Kenny Wayne Shepard KILLED!
I started riding at about 11:00. I wasnt 2 miles from my car when these two guys caught up with me from out of nowhere.
I think they were way to happy not to have seen Kenny Wayne Shepard. They just dont know what they missed.This big O was in great shape.On to the little O and a little more tech.This is the side of Brotha Man that I saw most of the day. He had a dinner party that he had to get to in Raleigh. He's a mover and a shaker.
It was officially a real mtn bike ride. Not one of my smoothest days.
19 miles of some world class mountain biking! This is the official start of my Tsali Challenge training.

Saturday night: Kenny Wayne Shepard at Bel Chere

He killed! The Band Killed! Noah from some of the earlier albums was singing and Chris Layton from Double Trouble and Arch Angels on the drums. I dont remember the bass players name but he hails from Austin and was right on time.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wednesday, July 25th = VACATION, Watagua Gorge kayaking and MTB at Dupont aka Slick-Rock of the East!

approx 8:00 a.m. Wednesday morning message on my cell phone from Johnny Calhoun:
"whats up man. 204 and going up? you guys SUCK! my birthday, I should be the one having fun. all right dude get some for me, later"

Happy birthday Johnny C - my brother!

After a call from Layla and a plan to meet at the takeout, I proceeded to follow Johnny C's direction. This ones for you BRO!
Enough "show boating", back to the epic adventure; that is what this vacation day ended up being. Layla and I met up and proceeded to load up boats for the shuttle. There were some "local" guys there that were in a hurry because one needed to get to work on time but they didnt have the 2 vehicles required to run the shuttle. Layla let one of them borrow her extra helmet and I offered them a ride to the put in so they could leave their vehicle at the takeout and so they wouldnt have to worry about our slowing them down. I blasted down to get a few photos to "feed the blog". The first good photo-op drop.
First guy running the drop.
Second guy (Dace) with an alternate line:
Layla hittin' the nice boof:
Next up Hydro. Layla stylin' the entrance boof.
Dace hitting the middle drop.
Then at the lip
I dont think we slowed them down as much as this hole and the bottom one did. Just kidding, these were good guys and I enjoyed paddling with them.
He did a good job getting out of both holes. The bottom hole looks really nasty but at medium/low levels it will feed you out on the river right side, even if your upside down. Believe me, I know from first hand experience. He got his roll and they rolled on out.
Next up Layla smoothin it through the middle section.
Layla at the lip:
I love this slot.
Stateline Falls. That is Layla in the entrance.
Layla, right on line.
Mayfield and Simpson bombed it in their play boats. These guys own this run! Smooth as silk.
I wonder how many Watagua runs these two have! They were probably on their lunch break.
I am glad to say, I was happy with my line.
Thanks to Layla for taking those shots at the falls and for taking the Nomad home. You looked like you have been paddling that Hefe for years, I think it's a keeper.
I know it isnt safe to take pictures while I'm driving but sometimes I cant help myself.
I headed down 221 to pick up Kevin at exit 75 off of I40. More driving and after a quick stop at a bike shop in Brevard for a map, DIRTRAG, and a rain shell we were at DuPont.
The slick rock is a lot of fun. The views are great as well.
This stuff is a blast to ride up and down.
Someone has been putting some time in on this tree.
The weather at DuPont was excellent. Heavy rain on the way to DuPont and heavy rain most of the way home but dry the entire time we were at DuPont. We rode for a couple of hours and didnt see a drop. We called ourselves lucky and decided to call it quits for the day.
Kevin at the slide.

I left the house at about 8:00 a.m. and home at about 9:30 p.m. It was an epic adventure and a well spent vacation day.