Monday, January 23, 2012

Watagua River on Monday, a well spent vacation day






Another blue bird day at the Watagua and foggy, wet and overcast on the drive back down Hwy 181.
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday at the Doe

Gabe in the Red C1, Mike Huggins and I met at the take out at 10:00. We were on the river in no time. It was foggy with very low visibility all the way up to Newland then it cleared up and was sunny, blue skies while paddling the Doe. When I got back to Hwy 181 it was foggy and low visibility most of the way back down the mountain, strange weather day.

The Doe River Mountain Goat

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday morning at the Watagua

Lucky for me Dave and Chris were down with a 9:30 meeting time. It felt like 300 at the put in, 3fity at the take out. It had rained most of my drive up the mountain and stopped right about the time I arrived at the Watagua. The feeder creeks were all pumping in some good flow. Good times!

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A good week of paddling: Afterwork Wilson Creek Runs: 2 on Thursday 1/12, 1 InAZone run Friday the 13th, 2 InAZone runs Saturday the 14th then 2 Runs on the Watagua MLK Day, Monday 1/16

I finally installed a ratcheting backband in my InAZone and got to paddle it 3 runs on Wilson Creek. It is great to be back in that boat and in a playboat that doesnt make my feet ache. I cant wait to get it to the Nolichucky and Gauley.
I didn't get any pictures at Wilson Creek but it was great to be paddling it again especially the after work runs. The levels were +3" Thursday, a little below 0 Friday and about -3" on Saturday. The Watagua felt about 250 cfs the first run and a little lower the second. The snow on the ground at the Watagua made a great day of paddling even more special.

 I got the next 3 shots on my way to the river MLK Day.

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