Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Full Day of Paddling: Two runs on the Watagua and One run on Wilson Creek

Brown Mountain from 181 on my morning drive up to the Taugs^
A very nice level^ it felt all of 420 cfs to me on the first run and 400 on the 2nd.
First run break at Edge of the World. I paddled the first Watagua run with Pete, Grant, Steve, and Dennis. The second Taug run was just Dennis, Steve and myself. I headed down to Wilson Creek after that to hopefully paddle with Gaston and Bob Miller and ended up catching up to them just as they were arriving at the takeout. At least we were all still in our boats and paddling when I got to them.
Pete at State Line Falls with Steve to the far left^
Steve at State Line Falls, first run ^
Grant at State Line Falls ^
2nd Run:
Dennis and Steve on the second run. Those Country Boy Special hamburgers we got at the Earls Ford grocery between the first and second run really kept me going the rest of the day.
Dennis running State Line Falls, second run.
Bob and Gaston post Wilson Creek run:
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday Paddling

Sunday morning I got up early and headed to the Watgua expecting good flow and to meet up with some of the locals for some early runs. When I got to the put in to drop my boat the level looked good, around 350 - 400 cfs. I waited at the take out nearly 3 hours and no one showed up. I headed back to the put in and it had risen 1 foot. I decided it was time to head to Wilson Creek. This was the view at the takeout that morning, only me, the dog and van:Sunday afternoon when I arrived at Wilson Creek it was running 1 foot. I was able to set shuttle and paddle down with four guys from Asheville. Monday after work I met up with Jonathan and Michael and we did three runs at 9". Tuesday after work Watagua at around 340cfs with Johnny Calhoun and Crankee Chris Roberts. Now I'm just hoping for more rain.Amos' Epics

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Slow and Casual Sunday Evening MTB Ride up to the top of Chestnut Mtn and then Sinkhole / Goat Trail

Dan called just as I was getting ready to pour the paint and finish up the overdue back deck. We made a plan which allowed each of us to finish some chores and the next thing you know we were climbing up Chestnut:
Up at the top of Chestnut Mountain are the remains of an old fire tower and plenty of mushrooms.
Back down the Mountain and a short brake at Birthday Knob
A unique view of Brown Mountain thanks to some recent logging.

The top of Sinkhole / Goat Trail:
The Goods
The Stats if you click the link below:

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Training Ride; Gotta put the hammer down; no time for pictures - just kidding, I forgot my camera

20 mile + ride. The garmin 205 gave some some technical issues. I'll post a map later.
I parked at the campsite next to the bridge at "lower" Upper Creek. Rode up to the Chestnut / Little Chestnut pass and headed up towards Chestnut Mtn. Topped out at Raidercamp, bombed that to Upper South Harper Creek Falls overlook. Back down to Harper Creek onto the left just past Yellowbuck that drops you out at Wilson Creek. Climbed back up to the pass via Craig Creek Rd. Took the left towards Little Chestnut Mtn and the right onto Sinkhole / Goat Trail. Lowered the seat and the rest is history.
Now it's time to mow the yard ...
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