Saturday, September 12, 2009

Training Ride; Gotta put the hammer down; no time for pictures - just kidding, I forgot my camera

20 mile + ride. The garmin 205 gave some some technical issues. I'll post a map later.
I parked at the campsite next to the bridge at "lower" Upper Creek. Rode up to the Chestnut / Little Chestnut pass and headed up towards Chestnut Mtn. Topped out at Raidercamp, bombed that to Upper South Harper Creek Falls overlook. Back down to Harper Creek onto the left just past Yellowbuck that drops you out at Wilson Creek. Climbed back up to the pass via Craig Creek Rd. Took the left towards Little Chestnut Mtn and the right onto Sinkhole / Goat Trail. Lowered the seat and the rest is history.
Now it's time to mow the yard ...
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