Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Full Day of Paddling: Two runs on the Watagua and One run on Wilson Creek

Brown Mountain from 181 on my morning drive up to the Taugs^
A very nice level^ it felt all of 420 cfs to me on the first run and 400 on the 2nd.
First run break at Edge of the World. I paddled the first Watagua run with Pete, Grant, Steve, and Dennis. The second Taug run was just Dennis, Steve and myself. I headed down to Wilson Creek after that to hopefully paddle with Gaston and Bob Miller and ended up catching up to them just as they were arriving at the takeout. At least we were all still in our boats and paddling when I got to them.
Pete at State Line Falls with Steve to the far left^
Steve at State Line Falls, first run ^
Grant at State Line Falls ^
2nd Run:
Dennis and Steve on the second run. Those Country Boy Special hamburgers we got at the Earls Ford grocery between the first and second run really kept me going the rest of the day.
Dennis running State Line Falls, second run.
Bob and Gaston post Wilson Creek run:
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