Thursday, January 19, 2012

A good week of paddling: Afterwork Wilson Creek Runs: 2 on Thursday 1/12, 1 InAZone run Friday the 13th, 2 InAZone runs Saturday the 14th then 2 Runs on the Watagua MLK Day, Monday 1/16

I finally installed a ratcheting backband in my InAZone and got to paddle it 3 runs on Wilson Creek. It is great to be back in that boat and in a playboat that doesnt make my feet ache. I cant wait to get it to the Nolichucky and Gauley.
I didn't get any pictures at Wilson Creek but it was great to be paddling it again especially the after work runs. The levels were +3" Thursday, a little below 0 Friday and about -3" on Saturday. The Watagua felt about 250 cfs the first run and a little lower the second. The snow on the ground at the Watagua made a great day of paddling even more special.

 I got the next 3 shots on my way to the river MLK Day.

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