Sunday, January 17, 2016

One MTB Ride and one Road Bike Ride, Week 2, 2016 - Hopefully I'll get in another MTB ride today.

A little ride around HQ Mountain and through Kanawa with JC. More pictures of that further down.
On 1/16/16 I did a 32 Mile Road Ride. I stopped by to say hello to both the Gruhns and the Nartens.

Hans is the Host with the most. What a tasty beverage when thirsty.

Luke was riding the bike we gave him when I visited the Nartens. I am glad it will be getting used.

 The wave was surfable.

 Now for some MTB Action.
HQ starts out with a bang dropping off quick with a lot of baby head size rocks through a large part of the down hill. I recently installed a 2.4" wide Continental X-King tire on my front wheel. I am rolling the 2.2 tuble-less stock, non-Conti in the back but plan to buy a 2.2 X-King for the back. I have more traction with the bigger tire in the front but trying to keep down the rolling resistance using the smaller tire on the drive wheel in the rear.

Love the little jump spots on HQ and the technical off shoots.

 When I am in this area it is imperative that I get over to South Harper Creek Falls. It had some juice in it this day.
  Exceptional weather for mid January.

 We got back to the van at dusk. A well timed ride indeed.