Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friday November 28, the day after Thanksgiving ride with Steven and evening hike up to Little Table Rock for a short back packing trip

Ride start time: 12:14 pm finish time: 4:32 pm
One broken chain, one flat tire
Max elevation: 4,745' Min elevation: 1,581'
Total time: 4:18 Moving time: 2:37 Stopped time: 1:40 # of stops: 13
Mileage: 14.8 miles Avg moving speed: 5.6 mph
After the ride I headed home for some Thanksgiving leftovers and visted with Noel and Starla for a little while. After a short drive up Hwy 181 I parked at the Spence Ridge Trailhead and did a night hike up to Little Table Rock. I started my hike at around 6:30 or 7:00 pm. Thankfully my $15 Black Diamond headlamp and 3 AA batteries held out until I could setup my bivy at my new campsite and get a fire going. My bivy pad was nice and flat and that was good since my air pad didnt hold air. My old cold weather Slumberjack bag is bulky and heavy but I was warm.My campsite at Little Table Rock.
I carried in the bare minimum, besides the gear I mentioned I also had 2 bottles of water, an energy drink and a couple of snack bars. I used everything I took except the first aid stuff like bandages and neosporin. I didnt want to carry any unneeded or heavy supplies, it was just a quick overnighter afterall. It was an efficient and easy hike in and out. Looking forward to much more of the same soon.Amos' Epics