Sunday, April 24, 2016

Playing catch up again...All This and a few bike rides but I forgot the camera on those.

 Yes, I had to get a Mullet after I saw Phil's new one which was the first one I had ever seen. So far I really love it. Surfs like a dream, fast and stable. I still have not been able to get a full on vertical stern squirt but I'm still trying...

 Starla helped me run my Catawba shuttle and got a couple of pics of me at the put-in. I really appreciated it since I woke her up at about 8 am to run my shuttle.

 I did a hike in and camp on Ripshin Ridge. I had ridden this dozens of times but my first time back packing in. It was a great way to trim down my pack.

 Pack it in and pack it out. Another short but fun one.

 Pigeon River with Wesley. Thanks for driving from Asheville. We got there and it was not running. After waiting for about 30 minutes (it felt longer since it was not a definite release) they finally blew the horn signifying a release was about to start.

 I hiked about a mile up and set-up camp on Newberry Creek Road after leaving Wesley's house. It was another good spring night to camp out. I am going to keep this trend up. I keep "tweaking-in" my back pack kit.Two backpacking nites in 2 weeks. Going to try to keep up this trend.
After I got home from my back pack overnighter I fixed my breakfast of champions.