Thursday, April 21, 2016

04/09/2016 Checking out the recently refurbished Upper Wilson Ridge Trail and Schoolhouse Ridge down to Edgemont

 Spotted the Hawk on my way up the road. I think it was the last house just before the climb gets steep.
 Great job to the Northwest NC Mountain Bike Alliance trail crew. They not only cleared out and smoothed the old trail but they cut some sweet new trail that by-passes the heavily eroded up-hill section of Upper Wilson Ridge.  The Northwest NC MTB Alliance is an IMBA-SORBA Chapter – operating in the geographic area of Northwest NC’s mountains and foothills, including the communities of Boone, Hickory, Lenoir, Marion, Morganton, and Wilkesboro. As a subordinate of IMBA-SORBA, the Alliance is a non-profit organization. I'm going to join. Hopefully it is tax deductible...

 Schoolhouse had been cleaned up but the really eroded sections were still un-ride-able by my standards. Still well worth the ride.
Next time I'm hoping to do Upper and Lower Wilson Ridge. Hopefully they have cleared and rerouted some of the Lower section too. It has a lot of potential.