Friday, July 3, 2009

July 2: Day 2 at the Red White & Bluegrass Festival and Mountain Heart gets Tied To The Whipping Post

Fourth of July shut down at work and I've used the time out of work to clean and paint the deck. Thursday I stepped it up a notch and made some good headway. I finally got to the festival at about 7:00 and left at 11:30. I couldnt get Clara Ann or the girls to go along so I went solo. I got to see The Grascals, IIIrd Tyme Out, then both bands together:THENMountain Heart.
MH mentioned that they have been doing some shows with Tony Rice (I saw them together at Merle Fest) but he didnt make it this evening. They still did Me And My Guitar and it was a great version but Tied To The Whipping Post sealed the deal. A old guy sitting in the same general area told his lady friend he was not staying to hear Mountain Heart. When she asked him why he replied they are too rock. I was glad he left before Mountain Heart started, as I was tired of trying to tune his loud mouth out while listening to The Grascals and IIIrd Tyme Out.
Mountain Heart did use more reverb / processing on the vocals than any other band Wednesday or Thursday and they were noticably louder. Also he has a more bluesy rock quality to a lot of his vocals which is great but not as common in Blugrass. I didnt mind any of these, they rocked the house!
July 3: Painted Deck - no concerts