Friday, July 17, 2009

Exceptional Evening Ride: Chestnut Mtn, Bee Hive, and Upper Creek

Total distance: 12.7 miles
Total time: 2:55 Moving time 2:06 Stopped time: 49 min # of stops: 8
Avg moving speed: 6.0 mph
Starting and minimum elevation: 1,267' Max elevation: 3,324'
Start time: 5:22 pm Finish time: 8:17 pm
From B' Day Knob:
Climbing up Chestnut I came upon this site just off the trail:A cool campsite I was not aware of and a new trail out the back of the site to come back and explore soon: The location of the long gone Chestnut Fire Tower.
Onto Bee Hive:Roadside Attraction:
The Tunnel Trail
Fly fishing Upper Creek:
Amos' Epics