Saturday, November 5, 2011

Finally Back On the Bike for a Challenging Loop. From Curtis Creek to the Blue Ridge Parkway and back down the Mountain

The ridge I climbed up, switchback after switchback
 I had hoped to ride Heartbreak but didnt get started until 2:00 and it took almost 2 hours to climb up to the parkway. Instead of Heartbreak I decided to ride my first fall back but felt lucky I didnt get a flat. There were a lot of briers out there. I had been running my mouth to both Gerhard and Johnny Calhoun about preferring the more remote and technical trails and I sure go what I was asking for today, both on the climb as well as the descent. One helluva work out and a little bit of a gamble to do as a solo and carry only one extra tube. It all worked out well, somebody must be looking out for me.
Good to finally make it to the Parkway
The Fire Lookout Tower

The trail from the overlook

The leaves were gone up close to the parkway but still some colors down closer to Curtis Creek.
Newberry Creek right before it drops into Curtis Creek

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