Sunday, October 2, 2011

Close out September at the Green and Open October at the Green

The weekend started with a Friday afterwork Green run. The first two shots are of Johnny Calhoun from Friday evening. Saturday morning we met up with Layla, Billy Murphy and Chris Roberts for an awesome first run. Layla, Johnny and I did an equally awesome second run. The air was cool but the water still felt warm. It was a wonderful early fall day. If you looked up you would see leaves falling through the air, if you looked down you would see leaves falling thru the water.

Friday evening Mike Toth, Mike Nail and group were also getting in an afterwork run. Toth caught up to us at Sunshine and told us Nail had broken his kayak in half getting a big air seal launch below Gorilla and was hiking out. He was going to retrieve his kayak later. Tough break.
Johnny Calhoun
Billy in the Groove Tube

On our second run we caught up to a group where a few of the guys were running Gorilla. One had a high brace at the Notch that resulted in a dislocated shoulder. It was a sad reminder of a bad day for me. His buddies managed to get his shoulder back in place so hopefully his hike out was not too painful.
For me it was a reminder that the Green is a lot more than just another paddle down a beautiful gorge. A mistake or poor judgement can have some very serious repercussions in the Narrows.
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