Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday: Denied on a few hikes but I finally found one to fit the bill

I wanted to try a new hike and decided to hit up a trail some guys at work had told me about right off of I40 between Ridgecrest and Old Fort. It is on the opposite side of the Interstate from Kitsuma. Unfortunately I was traveling a little fast with a little too much traffic to stop in time when I spotted the alleged trail head. I wasn't in the mood to go all the way to Old Fort turn around and climb the mountain back to Ridgecrest to find it again so I headed to Old Fort. I had heard about a trail head right downtown, couldn't find that one but I know who to as for more beta. I rode up to Curtis Creek and there was about 30 guys cutting down Hemlocks to prevent the spread of the insect that is killing the trees. A sad sight indeed, all of those currently healthy trees being cut down. I guess it is better in the long run.
So I finally back tracked and found a suitable trail that I had been eye ballin' but had never hiked before. It was almost all uphill out and down hill back to the parking spot. 2.5 hours out and 1.5 hours back to the car. Pics later...
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