Monday, March 29, 2010

Two Runs on the Watagua, a Big Ass Burger with Bobby Bouche' and onto the west side of Watagua Lake for a "out and back" hike on the AT

Bobby Bouche' droppin' the falls:and Tim droppin' the falls below. We were the first group on the river and the first group off on our first run. By the time we did our second run there were a few cars at both ends but the only people we saw around the river was a group scouting the falls.I met up with Bobby Bouche' and Tim at 9:30 for an early run on the Watagua. It was a little chilly but the level was good and we did get a glimpse of the sun a couple of times. After the second run with Bobby Bouche' (thanks for Tim for helping us out with the shuttle) we headed to the riverside for a Country Boy Special which I have also named Big Ass Burger. Then we parted our ways and I headed to the west side of Watagua Lake and did the out and back AT hike depicted on the map below:This is where they got the earth for the dam:It is a long way to the bottom:An amazing trail:This is about where I turned around. Note the higher elevation vegatation.On my way back after a little after getting a bit of rainfall. The lake was beautiful:I got back to the car in the dark and home a little bit later than usual for a Sunday evening but it was well worth it. Amazing place and a worth while scout.
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