Sunday, August 16, 2009

Climb up from Upper Creek to Chestnut Mtn then down Bee Hive

Initially I couldnt decide on what to ride. I had entertained riding out to Harper Creek Falls where John and Hans were swimming. Another choice was the Figure 8 at race speed. Maybe just Sinkhole? I easily came up with reasons not to do any of that. While I was stretching my legs at Birthday Knob I called Clara and made some loose afternoon plans. I decided to get the biggest bang for my buck in the climb and the down hill department by continuing onto the Chestnut Mountain climb then bomb back down and carry it straight into and down Bee Hive.
Starting elevation: 1,234'
Chestnut Mtn peak elevation: 3,372'
A good 10.4 miles
Taking a break at the top of Chestnut Mtn:
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