Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 4th, Three Day Weekend at the Ocoee

I met up with Phil Jones on Saturday, July 3rd and we proceeded to run shuttle and put-in on the Ocoee. It was a beautiful day and not nearly as crowded as I had anticipated.
The Put-in. Looking behind us:
Downstream from the put-in: Phil stowing his gear:
I had forgotten how beautiful this gorge is! A guy hitting the mystery move at Flipper:
Boogie Boarding Hell Hole.
Chillaxin' at the campsite.
Awesome view from camp:July 4th and onto the Olympic Section. The first shot is me at Mikey's, post boof:
This guy went a little too far out on the boof and ran out of water:
A couple of nice boofs.Phil's first time running this drop:
Keith Sprinkle ^ and Tera in the shot below:
Phil got a couple shots of me at the Olympic section.
A few shots of the fireworks we could see from the campsite. They set them off on both the 3rd and the 4th.
Monday, July 5th at Tsali:What an awesome place for a MTB trail:
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