Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I parked at Wilson Creek and started with the Small Spike - up and back on Lower Wilson Ridge. Then I climbed up Craig Creek Rd to the pass, Birthday Knob, onto summit Chestnut Mtn (the Big Spike) then back down and onto the Big O & FS Road back to day use only Wilson Creek.
Below is my campsite up on Chestnut Mtn. Based on the wood under the tarp, I was the last to use it when I did my bike in camp weekend.
Near the end of the BIG O, its all downhill from here:
I got in close to 20 miles, more or less, then I headed home and got the family together for a little trip up 181. Time for some family fall shots:
Family pics at the Brown Mtn overlook:
Picnic at the Barkhouse
A good way to spend Halloween!
Amos' Epics